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Mentor Digital is now one of the UK's leading NHS web design agencies

Open source Umbraco CMS Solution is used by 6 major NHS Trusts and 2 CCGS

Mentor Digital has been trusted by 8 major NHS organisations, and a number of other health institutions, to design and build secure and scalable websites.

Since the launch of Mentor Digital in 2007 we have built Umbraco websites and CMS systems for:

Another NHS web project, for Somerset Partnership, has just been completed.

Each NHS Trust has chosen Mentor Digital due to our high standards in web design, including an ability to create complex patient login areas, integrate APIs where necessary and offer double or triple ‘A’ accessible websites.

The latter feature is obviously an important requirement for the NHS as many of their patients may have special requirements. Mentor's web development team is very experienced in delivering accessible content, and has been thoroughly trained in best practice techniques through our work with the BBC & Shaw Trust (a charity that helps people with disabilities find employment). All content was built to W3C standards for XHTML, CSS and content accessibility according to the latest best-practice requirements.

Our tried and tested Umbraco CMS is ideal for NHS trusts where multiple departments and stakeholders need to manage the front-end content with flexible templates. Umbraco CMS also allows their communications and marketing teams to quickly move elements around, add in featured content, alerts, and easily include new campaign widgets so that they can be totally responsive to any new developments.

If you need a website for any kind of healthcare institution including an NHS Trust, contact Mentor Digital today. We have years of experience, and the case studies and testimonials to prove it.