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User experience (UX) testing for National Deaf Children’s Society

Mentor Digital is very privileged to be working with the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS), on a new website, membership area, educational resources area, events bookings system and e-commerce shop.

Mentor was selected for this project partly because of our track record, expertise in and approach to UX (User Experience) testing. Following an initial user research and stakeholder engagement phase, consisting of numerous interviews and face to face meetings, our interface design team has developed a first draft prototype of the website’s key areas and navigation systems, in wireframe format. This clickable mock up of the site allows us to test the interfaces on real world users on both desktop and mobile devices.

Mentor has been working with a range of our key website users, including parents and deaf young people, to ensure that our website layouts, navigation and page designs are easy to use and intuitive to find the information required. As part of our UX testing process we set a number of key tasks for our users and we used advanced eye tracking hardware to see how the users’ eyes are led around the site as they complete the tasks. This helped us to identify any common issues that were recurring with multiple users and allows us to optimise and improve the website layout designs.

Mentor’s eye tracking system allows us to test prototypes with our key audiences, and to ensure that our websites are intuitive and easy to use.

For mobile testing Mentor’s team has developed a mobile testing camera which records the user as they interact with the mobile version of the website prototype. This is extremely useful for guerrilla testing and for our team to discover how the mobile interfaces work in real work situations.

The results of the user testing phase were very useful and were integrated into the prototypes allowing our design team to move forward to graphic design, and into the development phase of the project which is due for launch in Q4 2016.

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