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Umbraco UK Festival & Partner Summit 2023

Day 1 – UK Umbraco Partner Summit

London, November 2, 2023

As an Umbraco Gold Partner Mentor Digital's team was invited to attend the UK Umbraco Partner summit. The Partner Summit held in Central London brings together top tier Umbraco partners to discuss the roadmap for the world's leading open source .Net CMS. The UK Umbraco community plays a key role in driving the development and growth of the Umbraco platform, and our directors had an opportunity to discuss the roadmap with the Umbraco senior team. The event offered valuable insights into the future roadmap of the Umbraco product. Here are the key takeaways from the event:

One of the fantastic talks at the Umbraco Summit 2023

The Umbraco Partner Summit served as a platform for Umbraco partners to gain insights into the platform's growth, innovative upgrades, and its alignment with industry trends, underlining its commitment to delivering exceptional content management experiences. The event highlighted the pivotal role of the UK in driving Umbraco's success and provided a sneak peek into the platform's exciting roadmap.

After the summit talks were completed drinks were provided and an after party was laid on at the cool Shoreditch Glitch bar. With electric remote control car racing, beer pong, retro arcades and dance offs, this was a classic Umbraco after party, and pre-festival warm up for day 2.

Day 2 - The Umbraco UK Festival 2023

The Umbraco UK Festival 2023 entered its second day with a refreshing start, full of inspiring talks, intriguing discussions, and new connections.

Opening Words and Sustainability Efforts

Callum, the host, welcomed everyone with the opening words, setting the stage for an exciting day ahead. He offered insights into what attendees could expect, shed light on the Umbraco UK Foundation's role, and proudly announced that the entire festival venue had successfully eliminated single-use plastics. A green thumbs up for this eco-conscious initiative!

Custom Templates for Efficiency - Lotte Pitcher

The first session of the day, led by Lotte Pitcher, focused on the creation and utilisation of custom templates for dotnet. The talk emphasised the ability to quickly transform any project into a reusable template, making it a significant time-saver in the development process.

Astro Web Framework - Louie Richardson

Louie Richardson followed with an intriguing discussion on the Astro web framework. This powerful set of tools is designed to help scale applications using Web Components and structuring content into what Astro calls "Islands." An innovative approach worth exploring!

Custom Property Converters and Personalisation - Laura Weatherhead

Laura Weatherhead then took the stage to shed light on Umbraco 12's Content Delivery API and the possibilities it offers for tailoring content to suit multiple channels and custom properties. Demonstrating the use of custom property converters and a personalisation package, attendees gained a first-hand understanding of the new capabilities in Umbraco.

UmbraCoffee Break

UmbraCoffee is now becoming an integral part of Umbraco events. Callum and Marcin conducted a live-streamed chat in front of an audience, offering insights into the day's events. They even invited a first-time attendee to share their experience, encouraging a feeling of community and engagement. While the coffee was still hot, attendees received news about UmbraCoffee's future plans. The team announced a shift from weekly streams to a monthly schedule, beginning after episode #300.

Client-Centric Approach to Software - Matt Sutherland

Matt Sutherland highlighted the importance of focusing on clients' needs to launch a successful software project. He emphasized continuous iterations and collaborations with composable architectures, leveraging Umbraco, Commerce, Struct PIM, Azure, and uMarketingSuite to deliver successful products.

.NET Maui Magic - Carl Sargunar

Carl Sargunar took the stage to share insights into building cross-platform apps using .NET MAUI. The content delivery, powered by Umbraco, can be consumed by Android, iOS, MacOS, or Windows applications, expanding the horizons of application development.

Escaping the Developer Rut - Rachel Breeze

Rachel Breeze addressed the challenges developers face in feeling stuck in a rut and provided tools to lift oneself and others out of it. Her talk encouraged developers to explore their skills, inspire others, and prioritise physical and mental well-being.

Optimising Umbraco Websites for a Connected World - Damiaan Peeters

To wrap up the day, Damiaan Peeters returned to the stage, this time to share insights on optimising Umbraco websites for a connected world. Drawing from his recent journey to Madagascar, he emphasised the importance of website optimisation in places with unstable internet and power infrastructure, offering a unique perspective on the subject.

A Day of Inspiration and Learning

After a day filled with enlightening talks, attendees from Mentor Digital left the Umbraco UK Festival with a plethora of inspiration and ideas to process. The festival proved to be an absolute pleasure, and we’d like to extend our gratitude to the organisers, speakers, and everyone involved. The Umbraco community and the connections made at the event were inspiring as always, and we’ll look forward to next year.

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