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Umbraco is the most popular CMS for membership organisations in the UK

Mentor Digital partners with several major Membership Organisations across the UK, and has been an Umbraco Gold Partner for nearly 10 years. We are major advocates of the world's leading open source .Net CMS, and it is therefore no surprise to us that in a recent MemberWise survey Umbraco has been voted the number one choice for membership organisations, associations and charities in the UK.

Umbraco the preferred CMS for membership associations

The MemberWise Digital Excellence Survey highlights that Umbraco is the leading CMS among medium to large membership organisations in the UK. The survey, which gathered insights from a wide range of membership associations, found that 62% of these organisations choose Umbraco as their preferred CMS. This places Umbraco firmly in the top position, thanks to its user-friendly interface, flexibility, and robust feature set. As the numbers reveal, Umbraco is the CMS of choice for organisations that prioritise digital excellence.

Highlights from the MemberWise Digital Excellence Survey

The recent MemberWise Digital Excellence Survey provides valuable insights into the digital strategies of membership organisations. This comprehensive study underlines the significance of choosing the right CMS for achieving digital excellence. According to the survey:

“The Digital Excellence report is designed to help inform the Membership and Association Sector on the digitally focused strategies that will provide their members with interactive, engaging and value-driven online experiences.”

Richard Gott, MemberWise Chair and Founder

Enhancing user experience with Umbraco

In a post-COVID era, where digital transformations have accelerated by five years within the first 18 months of the pandemic, the emphasis on enhancing members' user experience has become paramount. Members now expect their associations' websites to enable self-service and deliver value-driven experiences with online participation, videos, and images. Umbraco facilitates these expectations by offering a user-friendly interface that allows non-technical users to update websites with ease, reducing the need for extensive IT support.

Umbraco also excels in personalisation, with 62% of membership organisations using the CMS to automate and personalise members' online experiences. This personalisation fosters member engagement and strengthens the sense of community.

“Umbraco is the number one CMS used by medium to large membership organisations in the UK.”

'MemberWise' Survey

Umbraco's flexible approach for agility

In an era where digital trends are in constant flux, agility is crucial. Umbraco's composable approach allows membership organisations to adapt and innovate quickly. Whether it's integrating with third-party tools, implementing new features, or adjusting content structures, Umbraco provides the flexibility needed to stay ahead of the curve. The modular and composable architecture of Umbraco means that organisations can customise their websites to suit their specific needs. This adaptability is invaluable for membership organisations, where each has unique requirements and goals.


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Our expert team has helped many major membership associations and charities to achieve their digital transformation goals, by implementing Umbraco CMS.

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