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Wales & West Utilities – Frank and Annie

Using this husband and wife stereotype enabled people to quickly relate and engage with the characters. Both couples and single people will be able to see someone they know in Frank and Annie.

Wales & West Utilities asked us to create six short (10 - 30 second) animated videos as part of a wider social media campaign to promote the issue of gas safety and raise awareness. We completed;

  • Creative direction
  • Illustration
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation
  • Scripting
  • Editing

Mentor came up with the concept that the videos should follow a married couple, Frank and his long suffering wife Annie.  Frank is a bit of a lovable idiot, everything he tries always seems go wrong. Annie loves Frank but often finds herself rolling her eyes at his actions and ends up rushing in to fix the problem he has caused. 

Each video scenario has a comic element to it, usually with the viewer taking Annie’s side as she despairs of something Frank has done. The Wales & West team were really pleased with the videos and based their trade show stand around the characters we created.