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Zenotech’s Bloodhound Speed Project

Mentor Digital has been working with Zenotech to bring high performance computing into the classroom for the Bloodhound Speed Project.

This interactive project is based around the Bloodhound land speed record attempt. The Bloodhound is a rocket and jet powered car that travels faster than a speeding bullet. The interactive project allows students to interact with the Bloodhound and tweak the car to their requirements in an attempt to 'Beat the Bloodhound'. 

  • Illustration
  • Interface development
  • Animation
  • E-learning material development

The system then submits the adjusted car body mesh into a simulation and calculates the forces acting on the vehicle at each point of its flight, and of course most importantly its top speed. As well as creating a fully interactive system to be used by 14-16 year olds in classrooms as part of an engineering competition we also created this video to explain and promote the project.

Mentor Digital have done a phenomenal job in designing an interface that really bridges the gap between an engineering tool and the classroom.

David Standingford - Zenotech