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Budsystems - Powering Apprenticeship Delivery

Bud’s product is a niche end-to-end tool which streamlines the learning delivery process for training providers and their apprentices. Combining animation and film, we produced a series of videos for Bud to elevate and market their new apprenticeship management software.

With many scenarios and user groups to consider, our video solution needed to incorporate viewpoints from multiple people who work in contrasting roles. This meant depicting everything, from enrolment and managing tasks to compliance and funding. We provided;

  • A 6-minute tutorial style video for the event.
  • A 2-minute cut down video to sit on Bud’s website.
  • 5 x 30 second short ‘modular’ clips for LinkedIn & other social media channels.
  • Creative direction
  • Production management
  • Casting
  • Scripting & storyboarding

What we did

With a large production crew and carefully selected actors and locations, we could effectively demonstrate the cross-platform and multifaceted functionality of the product from various perspectives. We ensured that the style of the video was very ‘lifestyle’ focused, promoting happy users, in interesting places, this included a residential apartment, a park, bakery and office spaces, the variety of settings gives the software more user context and supports the animated screen work, effectively guiding the viewer through each user journey. 

Mentor are responsive, creative and reliable, all of which means that when I have doubts about the size of the task at hand and the limited time available, I’m comforted to know that they have it in hand. That feeling of comfort is hard to find and is worth a great deal.

Daniel Sims - Head of Marketing (former)