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Video & Animation Content

From charities to government, renewable energy companies to multi-national banks, our flexible, bespoke approach ensures our video content is as unique and dynamic as the organisations we work with.

Check out some of our previous video and animation work! We have worked with a variety of clients across different industries

Bringing the work of the ACU to life
A microsite to inspire the next generation of planners
A 5 part animated series all about metal detecting
A dynamic spin on a promotional video as we journey through Ashwicke Hall School through the eyes of two pupils

Video Content

Our award-winning video content creation team specialises in crafting promotional video content for a wide variety of clients, offering a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Creative concept development & planning
  • Illustration & storyboarding 
  • Scripting & script refinement 
  • Filming & editing 
  • 2D, 2.5D & 3D animation
  • Music composition & voiceover production 
  • Video marketing & strategy consultancy


We take a collaborative approach to every project. Although we are bursting with creative ideas and suggestions to make your film look great, we always take the time to listen to our clients to ensure our output is on brand.

Before embarking on filming your video or producing your animation, we conduct a thorough pre-production meeting to determine creative concepts, video length, target platforms for film consumption, key messaging, scripting and voiceover requirements and delivery deadlines. Our meticulous pre-production process ensures a tailored and on-brand film that meets your unique requirements.

Scripting and Storyboarding  

We work with a team of experienced scriptwriters who will thoroughly research and write your script. Each writer specialises in a different genre, allowing us to select the perfect match for your video. Our Designers, working alongside the assigned Producer and Director, create detailed storyboards before the shoot to visualise and bring your video to life.

This storyboarding process ensures alignment with everyone involved and gleans maximum efficiencies from the time spent with our crew on filming days.

Production and Project Management 

We are extremely organised and use sophisticated project management software to keep you informed about the production of your video, complemented by traditional communication channels as part of the video production process.

Our commitment to going the extra mile sets us apart from other video production services. Our in-house video production managers excel in creating call sheets and shooting plans, scouting locations, sourcing talent, organising props and booking hotels and arranging travel as required as part of the project management process.


Our highly skilled corporate production crew can handle any situation; from large-scale events and conferences to promotional and training videos. We customise our kit and crew to align with your specific needs, ensuring that you are only being charged for what you really need.

Our experienced crew knows how to elicit the best from contributors in a supportive, encouraging manner. Thorough research on each topic prior to filming minimises the need for excessive questioning.

In addition to our corporate work, we have strong credentials in the third sector, having produced impactful films and video case studies for organisations such as The Meningitis Trust, UHB NHS Foundation Trust, and Shaw Trust.


Our state-of-the-art video-editing suite is where your video undergoes its transformative post-production phase. We actively encourage our clients to join our Edit Producers during the final stages of the post-production process, offering you the opportunity to witness your video taking shape and easily contribute to any messaging or branding decisions.

Every video undergoes meticulous colour grading to maximize the impact of the high-definition footage we capture. Recognising the significance of sound, we perform audio sweetening on all footage as part of audio post production, ensuring a clear and crisp output.

Illustration and Animation 

At Mentor Digital, our creative experts thrive on crafting engaging illustrated and animated videos, as well as producing interactive banners, presentations, and games.

We firmly believe in the power of visuals to convey messages more effectively than text alone. Explore our portfolio showcasing the breadth of our 2D and 3D animated work to fully appreciate what our team are capable of producing.

Voiceover and Audio

We are able to enhance video content with our extensive collection of stock music and sound effects. Alternatively, we offer the option to compose an original piece or create a soundscape that resonates with the themes and message of your film. For voiceovers, our in-house recording capabilities cater to smaller projects, while for larger projects we partner with recording studios in both Bristol and London.

We work with a variety of professional voiceover artists and sound engineers who in partnership ensure that voiceover audio matches your brand tone of voice and objectives.

Reach and Accessibility

We appreciate that reach and accessibility are key issues for our clients. Mentor has worked with The BBC, Lloyds Banking Group, and Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery (to name a few), organisations where accessibility for all users is a primary concern.

We can add subtitles and foreign language translations to your videos and our in-house web development team will ensure that your videos are viewable whatever your audience's video player or connection speed!

We also offer Digital Marketing to promote your videos across all social media platforms and can devise campaigns and strategies to ensure your video and messages get the maximum reach possible.

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