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Mentor Digital creates interactive Bloodhound 1000mph car

The Bloodhound land speed record is being designed in the South West. Mentor has been involved in designing e-learning materials around the Bloodhood project.

The Bloodhound is a rocket and jet powered car that travels faster than a speeding bullet. This land speed record is being designed by teams based across the South West.

Mentor Digital has been developing complex e-learning materials around the project. Our UX team has designed innovative interfaces allowing students to adjust key parameters of the Bloodhound car and then put it through a super computer to calculate the performance of the vehicle. A competition allows students to compete with each other and ultimately to try and "Beat the Bloodhound"

Interactive graphs allow students to interrogate the forces acting on Bloodhound at each point. Real time renders showing the actual forces can also be downloaded for certain key points of the journey.