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BinaryRage - the simple and fast key value store

Discover a new open source library built purposefully for the storing of key / value data can be stored without setting up anything other than referencing one DLL in your project!

BinaryRage is a .NET library built specifically for the storing of key / value data. In my opinion, BinaryRage would be great if you would like to save settings that should be shared across many applications and also great for persistent data storage. 

It is capable of saving both primitive datatypes and complex objects. It is claimed to be ultra fast and capable of saving over 200,000 complex objects per second. This is very impressive, and would love for you to comment below if you have this running with that many!

To use it, it's as simple as:

//Perform the SQL query and save as list

List<Product> products = PerformQuery(query);
//save the query data
BinaryRage.DB<List<Product>>.Insert(query.SaveName, products, @"c:\productQueries");
And to access the query data you simply put do:
List<Product> producst = BinaryRage.DB<List<Product>>.Get(query.SaveName, @"c:\productQueries");

See the GitHub project here.

Please let us know what you think about this project!