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Open source .Net calendar and scheduling system

A complete open source calendar web diary system for jQuery and C# MVC

This is a really useful open source calendar and scheduling plugin. This open source JQuery plugin is titled “FullCalendar” and has been published by Adam Shaw who used this to develop an appointment calendar bookings system.

This excellent article on Code Project demonstrate numerous ways that you can leverage the plugin and also shows you in detail how you can integrate with an SQL Backend using Entity-Framework. The  article really gives you almost everything that you need to start using this excellent open source calendar plug in, that you can begin to edit immediately, to bring diary/calendar functionality to your next MVC application.

This article for the Code Project gives you a complete walk-through including setup of a linked Entity-Framework database in SQL. It also uses Twitter Bootstrap framework to speed things along. If you are looking for an open source calendar module that you can get started with quickly, then check out the "Full Calendar" project written in C# MVC 4.  Check out the system and the quick start tutorials for the open source .Net calendar here