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Decoupling Umbraco from your front end website

Mentor Digital's MD Holland Risley describes how to Decouple Umbraco from your front end website. Mentor is an expert in Umbraco development with Gold Partner Status.

An interesting blog has been published by Sydney based Umbraco developers around a project which required a databaseless front-end website. Faced with this proposition they decided to approach it using a back-end instance of Umbraco 7 which was completely decoupled from the front-end. This meant that their front-end website would not connect to a traditional RDBMS to serve content to its users.

Decoupling Umbraco from the front-end website allowed them to develop a system with amazing stats, that would perform roughly 280,000 queries per second. This is far beyond and traditional RDBMS approach and means that they can display some very data-intensive pages with little to no problems in terms of page response times.
Read the full article on decoupling Umbraco from your front-end website.

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