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Great Western Railway ‘Six Nations’ Video

British train operating company Great Western Railway, commissioned Mentor Digital to make their third series of weekly previews during the Six Nations rugby tournament, 'Rugby Chat with Flats and Shanks'.

We were briefed with a specific creative strategy aimed at social media users. Working with former internationals David Flatman (England) and Tom Shanklin (Wales); a comedy punditry duo to connect with rugby fans we were tasked to ramp up the excitement surrounding the Six Nations rugby tournament, sponsored by Great Western Railway. We did the following;

  • Removed all GWR branding as this was putting off viewers, who, research suggested, were seeing the film as an advert.
  • Quick turnaround short edits to keep the interest of viewers using smart phones.
  • Subtitles; enabling viewing without sound.
  • A maximum episode duration of 2:20 in order to auto play on Twitter.


The campaign was really well received with impressive figures of more than 400,000 views altogether. Comments on social media included:

“Brill banter between these works really well ...good craic.”

“Like Morecombe and Wise.”

“Hysterical banter.”

“Brilliant these two guys are a breath of fresh air to the world of punditry. Well done Flats and Shanks.”