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CRM Integration & Development

Our team has exceptional experience of integrating with 3rd party APIs, e-commerce payment gateways and undertaking complex CRM development projects.

CRM Integration

Our senior team provides strong project leadership, collaborating closely with you to understand the requirements of your software systems and in planning user journeys, designing interface layouts, and creating required technical solutions. Leveraging our interface and UX expertise, coupled with an outstanding in-house .Net development team, we deliver high quality systems and offer ongoing maintenance and support for your products.

Our track record includes the development of high-end software systems and web applications that integrate with MS Dynamics, Salesforce and SharePoint, a body of work that underlines the quality of our CRM development services.


We develop high-traffic secure payment systems that underpin websites for ecommerce, drawing on our extensive experience with major UK payment providers, including Sage Pay, RBS Worldpay, Stripe, Barclays Smart Pay, Secure Trading and Paypal.

Our exceptional proficiency in e-commerce website development ensures that the sites we create are reliable and secure 24/7, 365 days a year.

API Development and Integration

The development of modern REST-based APIs is second nature to our team. We excel in developing industry-leading online API specification documentation as part of any API integration, employing a proven process for planning and documenting our software products.

Our expertise extends to collaboration with various 3rd party API providers, ranging from straight forward social media integrations with Facebook or Twitter to intricate room booking systems, fueling major platforms like and

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