New Web Build for Wales & West Utilities

Posted by Holland Risley. 13 May 2015

Mentor Digital is proud to announce that we have become the chosen digital partner for Wales & West Utilities (WWU), helping to redefine its brand.

WWU operates the gas distribution network of the National Transmission System in the Wales and South West England regions of the United Kingdom. The company manages around 35,000 kilometres of gas pipelines for around 7.4 million people with depots in Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, Swindon, Bristol, Bath and many other towns and cities.

WWU felt that their current site had become outdated and needed a new portal to connect with their vast audience. Operating at its best, the new website can literally be a life-saver, helping community members to identify emergency issues such as gas leaks and allowing them to contact the right rescue services efficiently.

In order to satisfy the requirements of all the stakeholders in the project, we created a number of user personas which were used to shape content during scoping sessions. The following are some of the goals we have achieved:

The WWU website was built as a mobile first experience in order to fulfil the need for a quick response from customers who need important information quickly. This includes vulnerable users who may have accessibility issues, anyone affected by a gas leak or more generally by the disruption caused by road works.

The mobile design follows overall design aims of delivering content in an easy-to-read and engaging manner.

The new site equally conveys the responsibilities of Wales & West Utilities such as Health and Safety, and Customer Service, as well as the aspirations of the stakeholders which include innovation and a commitment to safety.

Mentor is helping WWU to promote confidence in the community by creating a website which helps them to spread crucial communications through the use of social media, content and blogs.
Mentor built in Umbraco with an easy to use Content Management System that can be regularly updated by multiple stakeholders. Another feature was API integration with which allows website users to quickly find out about any planned disruptions to their regular routes with information about the nature and duration of the work.

Article Author: Holland Risley

Holland founded Mentor Digital as a new division of Mentor Communications Consultancy back in 2007 and has been at the centre of Digital's growth and development ever since. With 15 years experience in the digital media industry, Holland brings a wealth of experience to any project he works on. Holland has a skill for communicating and simplifying technical issues and he oversees the final output of all Mentor's projects with a pixel perfect eye.

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