We used National Friendly’s existing iconography and eye-catching colour palette in an animation to celebrate their 150th Birthday. Inspired by their own line drawn icons, we created additional imagery in this style to drive home their brand while taking the viewer on a journey through their history, to present day.  

Working closely with National Friendly we put together the script, once complete, the voiceover was produced at our in-house recording studio. The video was brought to life with gently drawn in animations which take the viewer through contrasting decades, with emphasis on the developments that National Friendly saw alongside these contextual changes. The simplicity of the line drawn style enabled us to add creative transitions between each scene. These shifts in imagery were carefully considered by our creative team during the early planning meetings and storyboards were produced to ensure the scenes flowed from one to another seamlessly and dynamically. 

Overall, Mentor created;

  • A 2-minute animation for their website and 150th anniversary company event
  • 3 x 45 second short edits for social media
  • Re-usable iconography assets from the animation

“We wanted to produce a two minute video that accurately summarised our 150 year history and embraced our current brand and corporate colours. In our early creative meetings, Mentor and our Marketing Team bounced ideas of each other and between us we set a foundation for the video. Mentor went away and worked on a script and storyboard, the results of which impressed us greatly. They had understood and implemented our ideas perfectly, while at the same time stamping the project with their own creative flourishes. We presented the finish video to our staff members on our 150th anniversary and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from everyone.”

Alex Thorn - Senior Marketing Executive
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