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Mentor team goes fully remote but maintains a full service offering for our clients

For the past two weeks we have joined thousands of companies across the UK in a move to remote working. During this challenging time, we have been putting communication at the heart of our organisation, ensuring that not only our clients are provided with the same excellent and transparent service, but our 32 members of staff also feel connected and supported while working from home.

Although working from home isn’t without its occasional challenges (and we miss the office chat, the varied Spotify playlists and our weekly fruit baskets), as a digital agency, we are fortunate enough to be part of an industry that lends itself very well to remote working. The entire Mentor team, including developers, project managers and creatives have been kitted out with the necessary tech and furniture to get set-up at home, assisted by a personal office chair delivery service from our MD, Holland last week!

Karl's Desk

Holland's Desk

We have the technology

The team is wired-up to cloud servers, chat rooms and conference calls, giving us the means to carry out the same activity we would have at our Bristol HQ, even our virtual ‘beer fridge Friday’ has remained a weekly tradition. To lift spirits further, this week also saw Mentor’s #postyourdesk, which provided a peek into the team’s home offices. With the wellbeing of the Mentor employees being a key consideration, these regular touchpoints have helped to counteract feelings of isolation and strengthen our community during this uncertain period.

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Business as usual?

While it feels offbeat to use the phrase ‘business as usual’ alongside such a critical situation and the tougher restrictions that have recently come into play, we want to reassure you that we are constantly adapting, and are continuing to support existing clients, while welcoming opportunities with new ones.

Helping companies to communicate through their online presence has been essential recently, with many requiring quick turnaround support from our development, creative and content teams to help them to reposition their service offering and messaging, in light of current restrictions and advice.

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On reflection

It's strange to think that it was only a few weeks ago that we celebrated the launch of our new branding and website and how quickly we’ve had to adapt to the impact of Coronavirus, and a new way of living and working. 

Please get in touch with us at if you have any questions about our position, or if you’d like to find out more about how our digital services could support you during the Coronavirus.