Wales and West Utilities van livery designed by Mentor Digital

Posted by Holland Risley. 25 Jan 2019

Wales and West van livery designs

The new Wales and West Utilities vans designed by Mentor Digital are out in the wild and looking fabulous! Mentor Digital designed the livery for a wide range of different vehicle types, and the new designs can now be seen across the South West and Wales. Adding a splash of colour to the grey winter days!

Article Author: Holland Risley

Holland founded Mentor Digital as a new division of Mentor Communications Consultancy back in 2007 and has been at the centre of Digital's growth and development ever since. With 15 years experience in the digital media industry, Holland brings a wealth of experience to any project he works on. Holland has a skill for communicating and simplifying technical issues and he oversees the final output of all Mentor's projects with a pixel perfect eye.

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