Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy Statement



For the purpose of this policy statement the term Modern Slavery includes: slavery, forced or coerced labour, human trafficking, and child labour. 

Mentor Communications Consultancy Ltd, trading as: 

Mentor Digital is an established, full-service digital agency based in Bristol and London. Mentor’s in-house team delivers a market leading range of services including project leadership, web design & development, usability & user experience (UX) testing, and software development. Mentor Digital offers creative and technical solutions;

Mentor Training is an established Media and Crisis Communications training agency. All courses are CPD accredited and Mentor’s offers a range of associated Social Media training and Corporate Video and animation production services.

Mentor Communications Consultancy Ltd was established in 1998 is a privately-owned company registered in England and Wales. 

Supply chain 

Mentor has offices in Bristol and London and provides services across the UK and cloud-based software services internationally. 

For all of ours services provided within the United Kingdom or internationally, we use our own staff and a network of approved freelancers and contractors. 

Our policy 

Mentor is committed to ensuring that there is no Modern Slavery or scope for Modern Slavery in our supply chain or in any part or at any level of our business. We will not knowingly use partners, sub-contractors, suppliers or agents who disregard Modern Slavery or turn a blind eye to the evil of Modern Slavery. 

High Risk Activities

Due to the nature of our business activities, we do not currently consider any part of our business to be associated with high risk activities.  


We expect our employees, partners, contractors and agents to act ethically and to promote good working practices at all levels and to adhere to the Modern Slavery Act 2015. 

We have systems in place to:

- Identify and assess the potential risk areas within our business 

- Identify and assess the potential risk areas within our supply chain 

Modern Slavery within our supply chain:

- We ensure our partners, sub-contractors, suppliers and agents have appropriate policies and procedures in place 

This policy statement has been approved and endorsed by all the directors of Mentor Communications Consultancy Ltd.





Policy last reviewed: January 2018

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