Mentor Digital created SITA Trust's new website and developed an animation to sit within the site. The video gives an overview of what SITA Trust does and the type of projects they can help with.

To brighten up the subject matter of waste and rubbish (SITA Trust receives its funding from SITA) we decided to create an animated video. SITA Trust had a fantastic catalogue of still images of the projects they had done and we were able to incorporate these into the animation. 

We created an illustrated backdrop with cardboard rips bursting out which fitted with SITA's brand identity. The video also fitted well into the new website sitting on the home page and popping out into a bigger screen when played.

Initially seen by SITA Trust as an extra for the website, the video has become a key promotional tool in its own right with the SITA Trust marketing team using the video at trade shows and meetings to quickly explain who they are and to promote the work they are doing.

“The video production team at Mentor Digital is personable, highly skilled and very easy to work with. They created a great, eye-catching animation for our website and it instantly brought more impact to the homepage. As an added bonus we have also been able to use the video outside the website as a tool to promote the work we do. Well-done Mentor!”

Jools Granville, Communications Manager, SITA Trust
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