In 2013 English Heritage undertook major work in and around the Stonehenge World Heritage site, which included removing the road running directly next to Stonehenge and building a brand new visitors centre.  As part of this project they also completely revamped the Stonehenge web pages within the English Heritage website.

Mentor Digital was commissioned to create 25 short (30 seconds -1 minute) 'talking head' videos interviewing two of English Heritages Senior Archaeologists on various features within Stonehenge and the surrounding landscape and also several of the objects found at the world heritage site.  Mentor Digital was also commissioned to produce an interactive map tool and an illustrated interactive timeline with animations which featured the videos and also on the English Heritage website.

Mentor's video crew worked closely with English Heritage to ensure all filming was carried out in a way that was sensitive to the landscape and that all information within the final edited films was historically accurate.  We used a mini jib arm to create movement within shots and to really make the most of this stunning setting and in post-production we colour graded each shot to give a cinematic look and feel.

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