Broadband internet provider Eclipse asked Mentor Digital to create an animated video to accompany the new website we built for them. The animation needed to imaginatively convey the capabilities that Eclipse offers, as encapsulated by its core mottos: "connect, cloud, communicate" and "making technology easy & enjoyable".

We took Eclipse's new design and colour palette as the basis for the animation, developing a range of bespoke environments and characters that chime with the brand identity. Eclipse was keen for the animation to take viewers on a journey. To this end, we created a 3D fibre-optic cable motif that runs dynamically throughout the film, carrying viewers from scene to scene.

To keep viewers engaged, we created a world where objects and backdrops morph unexpectedly into new forms. The resulting animation is being used at trade events and on the new website homepage to creatively communicate Eclipse's services and ethos.

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