Clifton College asked us to produce a short film that would illustrate what life is like for Preparatory School boarders up to the age of 13. The film needed to target both prospective pupils and their parents. To give a real flavour of life as a boarder, we followed two pupils, Evie and Theo, capturing their daily routine both in school and relaxing in their boarding houses.

Filming took place over two days as there were so many different activities to capture. It was great fun working with the pupils and recording their voice-over narrations afterwards.

We used a variety of equipment to enable us to follow the students in their day, including a Gimble rig to enable fluid motion shots whilst following students into small spaces or up stairs. We used a mini slider crane to get some beautiful sweeping motion shots encompassing the grandeur of the college grounds and house. We even mounted a small HD camera to an electric formula 24 car to get live motion shots of the students driving it

“Mentor was extremely helpful from start to finish in the project. They were both creative, realistic and efficient in the planning process and this was instrumental in producing a film that delivered our goals. When working with the children on the shoot, the Mentor team had the rare ability to be extremely efficient, whilst keeping the shoot days fun and creative. Post production was just as sleek and they were brilliant at listening to our feedback to then produce a final product that we are very happy with. Good value for money and a flexible approach. The director had a good eye for the detail and good planning leading to shots which lead into each other very smoothly. Great understanding of the overall concept to be delivered.”

Alice Brereton, Clifton College Preparatory School
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