Website Planning

Stakeholder engagement & website planning

Mentor Digital provides clear project leadership and your project leader can help bring your stakeholders together and guide the smooth running of the project.

We start most major projects with a planning and scoping workshop/meeting with a number of key project stakeholders. This process has proven extremely successful in our previous projects and ensures that the entire group feels included in the development of the project.

This process also helps our UX consultants and interface architects to gain enough insight into the requirements of the client to begin delivering wireframes and site maps. 

Website planning, digital consultancy and stakeholder engagement session

Website planning sessions led by Mentor at NHS (left) and Royal Town Planning Institute (right)

The aim of this session will be to identify and document the requirements of all key stakeholders in order to develop a solution that meets all requirements across the board. The output of this session will be:

  •        Key business objectives for the website
  •        Who visits the site and why - key personas
  •        Functional requirements
  •        First draft navigation layout
  •        Home page content requirements
  •        Mapping key user journeys
  •        Graphic design brief

The output documentation from the planning workshop is extremely useful, and helps guide the project moving forward. Contact us today on 0117 3058900 to book in a website planning session with your team.

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