Neonicotinoids are a type of insecticide which can be harmful to bees and have been linked to current bee declines. The Soil Association asked Mentor Digital to come up with a digital campaign to raise awareness of this important issue.  

Mentor Digital provided:

  • Video concept and creation¬†
  • Web Design
  • Email Newsletter Campaign Design
  • Viral Seeding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Banner Campaign

Whilst light hearted in approach the campaign conveyed a serious message in a clear and easy to digest way. The video made use of a well known tune 'Don't worry, be happy' reworked using the sound of bees buzzing, the implications was that we need to help our bees to 'bee' happy. Using a child-like animation style increased the impact when unexpectedly at the end the bees all die.

The Campaign succeeded in obtaining over 20,000 signatures in favour of banning Neonicotinoids in the UK. In April 2013 the European Commission agreed to a EU wide ban for two years from December on some neonicotinoid chemicals used on crops attractive to bees. 

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