GWR commissioned Mentor Digital to make our third series of weekly previews during the Six Nations rugby tournament. We worked with former internationals David Flatman (England) and Tom Shanklin (Wales); a comedy punditry duo to connect with rugby fans.

As the project was aimed at social media we used a specific creative strategy:

  • Remove all GWR branding as this was putting off viewers, who, research suggested, were seeing the film as an advert.
  • Shots cut frequently to keep the interest of viewers using smart phones.
  • Subtitles; enabling viewing without sound (on public transport etc).
  • A maximum episode duration of 2:20 in order to auto play on Twitter.

The campaign was really well received with impressive figures of more than 400,000 views altogether! Comments on social media included:

“Brill banter between these works really well ...good craic.”

“Like Morecombe and Wise.”

“Hysterical banter, and the guys actually get PAID for that.”

“Brilliant these two guys are a breath of fresh air to the world of punditry. Well done Flats and Shanks.” 

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