Our state of the art video-editing suite is where your video comes to life.  We encourage our clients to sit in with our edit producers during the final stages of the edit so you can watch your video take shape and easily assist with any message or branding decisions.  All our videos are colour graded to really make the most of the high definition film we shoot on and we believe that sound is as important as the visual so we audio sweeten all footage to ensure a clear and crisp output. 

If you would like to add music to your video we have a large collection of stock music and sound effects to choose from; alternatively we can compose an original piece of music or add a sound scape to perfectly echo the themes and message of your film.

Mentor Digital works with a variety of professional voiceover artists and sound engineers who can bring the right tone of voice to your video.  We have in-house voiceover recording capabilities for smaller projects and for larger projects we use both Bristol and London based recording studios.

We appreciate that reach and accessibility are key issues for our clients.  Mentor has worked with The BBC, Lloyds Banking Group and Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery (to name a few), organisations where accessibility for all users is a primary concern.  If required, we can add subtitles and foreign language translations to your videos and our in-house web development team will ensure that your videos are viewable whatever your audiences video player or connection speed!

Once we have produced your company video we can deliver it in a variety of formats for all major platforms.  As well as online hosting and live event streaming we offer DVD authoring which includes creating interactive menus, designing cover art and duplication onto disk for you.


DSC_0135 Edit -suite

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