Mentor uses clear graphic design and modern technology to develop e-learning content and deliver knowledge and information to your target audience.  We develop apps and content for mobile platforms including IPads, IPhones, touchscreens and other mobile devices. We can use animation and video to deliver rich e-learning experiences to your users.

A specialised tool can be a fantastic asset to teaching, and something to really engage your audience. Whatever your needs, we can create an e-learning tool for you.

If you'd like to talk about how we can help with your e-learning project call us on 0117 305 8900 or email us.

Here are some examples of e-learning applications that we have produced:

Bloodhound 1000mph car

This interactive project is based around the Bloodhound land speed record attempt. The Bloodhound is a rocket and jet powered car that travels faster than a speeding bullet

English Heritage - Time Travellers

The Time Travellers project for English Heritage is a real showcase of our team's interactive and e-learning capabilities. It's an innovative and bespoke interactive solution demonstrating great design and programming skills.

Bristol Museum - Touchscreens

Mentor Digital was asked by Bristol Museum and Art Gallery to create an interactive virtual tour for people who were unable to access all the areas of the museum building. The tours will appear on touch screens in the museum foyer.  

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